The organization consists of volunteers in the Netherlands as well as in Bolivia who contribute to the work of the foundation using their profession, background, experience or other special talents. In the Netherlands there are (including the board) about 15 active volunteers, for example in webdesign. But also as translator, musician, storyteller, photographer, filmmaker etc. And there also are those “creatives” who contribute/supply ideas and think and act with us. All those people, whether they contribute structurally or per project, are invaluable. They devote themselves to the work of the foundation in the Netherlands with tremendous effort and a big heart. Without their efforts we couldn’t do it!

Board: M. Randag, M. Kamphuis, A. Heesink, P. Fennema, T. Meindertsma

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In Bolivia we work with a team of about five local volunteers who, on the basis of their knowledge, experience and availability, are set up with a project they will be directing. One of them is the coordinator, he keeps up contact with the board of the foundation in the Netherlands and has to report and account for what happens with the projects. Through e-mail and skype there is regular contact.

Coordinator in Bolivia: Enrique Paz