Education, the only way out


In many (developing)countries it is common for children to help provide in the costs of living. Because there aren’t many sources of income in Potosí, daily hundreds of children work in the mines. Though this heavy form of child labor is officially forbidden, it still happens. Through investing in education we wish to contribute to the elimination of child labor in the mines.

Small projects can bring major improvements in the living and studying circumstances and to the childrens health. They will have more energy and going to school becomes more fun, which increases their chances to do well in school. This is a major stimulus for the teachers as well. And better school results will give you more chance at a better future.

The importance of computers and internet is clear in Western countries. But... In countries like Bolivia it is extra important that students have access to these tools .It makes them less dependent on their teacher. Through internet there are amazing educational programmes available that increase the level of education enormously.

 Pichincha, computer and internet project 2013

One year after our pledge, 20 PCs with Internet connectivity have been delivered to Colegio Pichincha (a secondary school with 800 pupils) in Potosí. A big thank you goes to the (now) 3rd year pupils from the Praedinius Secondary School in Groningen who raised a grand total of €5,252 towards this project. Other benefactors included the Van Leer Institute, the Jephcott Foundation, Colour4Kids, and the Internet provider COTAP, all of whom helped bring this proposal to fruition. This is a great step forwards for education in Potosí and will provide the (mine worker) youths with many more opportunities. The city of Potosí contributed 15 computers, the students won 8 in a competition, bringing the total to 43 altogether.

Now we’re getting somewhere!