Margret kamphuis: director/secretary

Founder of the organization and started the first project in 1994. Originally a German/Dutch teacher but switched to a corporate career where she worked for years in the field of Personnel & Organization as well as education and training. Traveling through Middle America in 1993 and a short run as travel guide in Bolivia/Peru changed her life. Bolivia never let her go and the foundation is now her daily work.

Teake Meindertsma: chairman

Taeke followed Alie van der Schaaf in June 2013 as chair of the board. He worked at an International organization for child well-being in The Hague for seven years where he was among other things responsible for all projects outside the Netherlands, communication and fundraising. Taeke has travelled a lot and seen many cases of poverty. But he has personally experienced that through properly set up and sustainable projects focusing on children and their families things can be changed for the better! This is wherein his motivation lies: “We can truly make a difference for the children and the families that are supported by us.”

Pieter Fennema: treasurer

He was in Potosí in September 2009 and visited the Cerro Rico, as he says: “an impressive experience...” When he was approached in 2012 with the question whether he could do something for Amigos he didn’t have to think twice about it! After some years of traveling around the world he has settled down in Groningen. Pieter works as concern controller in the UMCG, the academic hospital in Groningen.

Annemie Heesink: general member of the board

Annemie is a fellow-founder of the organization. She experienced up close how Margret Kamphuis and later also Michiel Randag started working to better the circumstances of the mine workers in Potosí. Their work, methods, and results appealed to her so she decided to support them. Annemie works at Elker, youth and parenting help in Groningen.

Michiel Randag: general board member, lawyer

As Margret’s partner he has known about (and sympathized with) the projects in Potosí from the very beginning. In 1998 Michiel, together with Margret, visited the mines in Potosí and henceforth supported Margret in starting the foundation. His interest in and love for the South-American culture has only increased because of it! Michiel focuses mainly on fundraising.