Who are we?

Who are we?

Amigos de Potosí is a foundation run by volunteers from the Netherlands and local Bolivian volunteers. We also receive support and donations from other countries.  The foundation started after the visit of a group of Dutch tourists and their tour leader  (Margret Kamphuis)to the mines of Potosí in 1994, They felt the urge

How did we start?

Many travellers feel overpowered with a sense of helplessness when they see the misery and poverty present in developing countries. They feel uncomfortable and powerless in their role of (rich) spectator. Occasionally this leads to spontaneous action, very occasionally this has  long-term consequences... In 1994 I was in Bolivia a

Education, the only way out

  In many (developing)countries it is common for children to help provide in the costs of living. Because there aren’t many sources of income in Potosí, daily hundreds of children work in the mines. Though this heavy form of child labor is officially forbidden, it still happens. Through investing in education we wish


Goal: children in school, not in the mines! We want better working and living conditions for the mine workers families in Potosí (Bolivia). We deliver structural contributions to improve the quality of education and stimulate children to follow education to improve their chances on the job market. Because children ar


The organization consists of volunteers in the Netherlands as well as in Bolivia who contribute to the work of the foundation using their profession, background, experience or other special talents. In the Netherlands there are (including the board) about 15 active volunteers, for example in webdesign. But also as translator, musician, storytell


Margret kamphuis: director/secretary Founder of the organization and started the first project in 1994. Originally a German/Dutch teacher but switched to a corporate career where she worked for years in the field of Personnel & Organization as well as education and training. Traveling through Middle America in 1993 and a short ru