Schruns: thank you!

Schruns: thank you!

On March 10 2013 my cousin Helen Bachmann organized the event “Schruns goes Latin” in the beautiful Schruns (Montafon, Austria). She wanted to support a project for school children in Potosí. The project: rebuilding the greenhouse of a primary school in Potosí that was destroyed by a storm. School children (mainly coming from mine workers families) learn to plant, grow (and eat!) vitamin rich crops.

In addition to rebuilding and improving the greenhouse there is a need for investment in the water supply, draining system, soil improvement and education for teachers and students. The estimated total costs are 3760 euros.

Helen managed to convey her enthusiasm to the church community as well: once a year the money raised by a so-called “Suppentag” is donated to a development project. But I had to come by to talk about it...

The Volksschule in Schruns was very interested and in the preparations for the event I gave five presentations. The children (6-10 years) watched and listened breathlessly to the stories and music about “the other side of the world” and were surprised about the sandals made of rubber car tires and the backpacks made of jerry cans they got to hold...

My first speech...

On Sunday 10 March I talked about the project during two services in the (beautiful!) Pfarrkirche, which was a special experience. A fundraising event followed. After church there was coffee, many (homemade) pies, drinks and soup in the Starnasaal in Schruns. The estimated raised money is a 1000 euros! All participants and volunteers: thank you very much for your efforts!

In the afternoon the hall was decked out in Bolivian colours with help from family, friends, and volunteers. 3 llamas (!) provide some local colour outside in the sun. After a short presentation about the project in Bolivia, around 14:00: Schruns went Latin!

The hall was full with parents and interested people who expectantly looked at the Zumba performances, arranged by Helen. The fabulous pinguin/zumba-dance with the children from Kindergarten; Zumba with the talented 3d grade of the Volksschule and a performance with her own Zumba takers. The hall shuddered!

In the meantime people could enjoy the South American snacks prepared by volunteers.

At 16.30 the tombola followed: tickets were sold easily, because of the fabulous prices but also because of the enthusiastic ticket sellers!

The money raised this afternoon: almost 2.300 euro! Together with the tip action in Vandans (300 euros, thank you Willy Kamphuis!) and money raised with the Suppentag (1000 euros) the total (minus expenses) comes to 3.150 euro! Incredible! And I start to dream... Maybe there will be some money left for school supplies or maybe even a (first!) computer for this school...?

Two things have become clear to me: Schruns swings and is involved with the children in Potosí! Helen, family, friends, and everyone else who has participated to make this day successful: muchas gracias!

Margret Kamphuis