Newsletter number 14

Newsletter number 14

Dear Amigos, 

How is the music project of the San Ildefonso primary school in Potosí doing? Does it sound well? And: how loud can you sing at the age of 6?

- Father and son Van Lier will get on their bikes this summer in Groningen (NL) with a special destination. It will be a long and hot journey… You can support and sponsor them!

- Do you, or one of friends- like Utrecht, the Tour de France or BBQ? Than “Winabago” has some good news for you!

- UNESCO worries about the state of the mountain Cerro Rico. Of course we follow closely the situation in Potosí.

Read about these subjects and our current projects in this newsletter which was translated by Jeltje Snel. Thanks Jeltje!

We thank you very much for your concern and interest because without your help we can’t go on...


Enjoy your read!            

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Warm Regards,

Margret Kamphuis