Newsletter number 12

Newsletter number 12

This is the first issue of our newsletter in a new style: “Documentary” with which we inform you about the projects in Bolivia. We will tell you about:

The projects that have been completed in 2014:

  1. Lettuce at 4130 m: The Greenhouse of the primary school in Potosí is completed!
  2. Furniture for multifunctional centre Hornitos-Potosi, phase
  3. Computer and internet project –high school in Ckara Ckara

The two new projects “in the starting blocks”: the Music and the Bread baking project. And two projects being set up for which we request your help:

  1. Centro de madres (centre for mothers)—Lajas.
  2. Water for the children’s day-care centre with the mine Caracoles-Potosi

In conclusion we will give an overview of all projects we have finished and transferred to the people in Bolivia for the past 20 years. It is turning out to be a good list!

Enjoy reading!

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