Bread baker education in Potosi

Bread baker education in Potosi

About the bread in Potosí you can be brief: it is expensive, not tasteful and not healthy. Still it is, for the poorest, an important component of the daily food.

To stimulate structural improvements in education in Potosi, we support initiatives to set up new –vocational— training programs that will attract the youth. For student-bread bakers and bread bakers in Potosí a bread baking training program is being set up. It is our first coproduction with cooperation partner Fundacion Autapo, about which we wrote in newsletter no. 10.

The bread in Potosí is very poor quality, while it is an important part of daily nutrition for the poor. It’s a double edged sword. There are 150 people who can participate; the training program costs € 9 per person.

Training costs: € 1350. For 50 participants the costs have already been covered.

How many participants can you offer this chance?