Projects for school children

Projects for school children

Education, the only way out

In many (developing) countries it is usual that children contribute to the costs of livelyhood. In Potosí where are few other sources of income, hundreds of children and youngsters work in the mines. Although this heavy labour is forbidden by law, it is still common practice. We want to contribute to the reduction of child labour in the mines by investing in education.

Small projects

Small projects can contribute to an important improvement in the education of children and their health. They attend school with more pleasure resulting in better achievements. For teachers too this is a giant incentive. And with better school results there are more chances to a better future.

The importance of computers and internet

 This does not require clarification. However... In countries like Bolivia it is extra important that schoolchildren have these facilities available because then they are less dependant from their teacher. Good education programs are available on the Internet, improving the education level dramatically.