Computer project CEA in Caiza D

Computer project CEA in Caiza D

Update September 2019: everyone makes an all-out effort to get the computer classroom refurbished so that the computers soon may be used in a nice new classroom. Everything is work in progress: walls and windows are painted, and the door has new locks fitted.

Chairs have been taken apart, cleaned, repaired and put back together, the tables are awaiting the same treatment. The network infrastructure has been put in and the classroom is like new! It will be a pleasure working in there. Everyone is curious: how much will the proceeds of the benefit party be? How many computers will there be? Will we have enough for the 25 computers needed?


What went on before, or: how the project came to be.

Caiza D. is a mining village near Potosí where many people depend on the mines and where there are few alternatives for earning a living. Many boys and girls do not finish secondary school, since their parents make boys start earning a living or because girls get pregnant at a young age. Through the Centro Educativo Alternativo (CEA) boys and girls have been given the opportunity to finish their school diplomas in the last 15 years. And, in addition to the regular curriculum, to follow a vocational course to become a Computer expert, Metalworker, Caterer or Tailor, thereby increasing their chances on a good job. Boys especially benefit from this initiative since they will no longer disappear into the mines as unschooled workers. The school was founded by the village but without getting educational resources from the government. About 75 students (an equal number of boys and girls) follow these courses. The ancient Pentium computers used from the start in the computer course have become obsolete and useless.

Better to be working with computers than working in the mines…

With the proceeds of the anniversary party, we hope to buy 24 new computers with accessories, a computer for graphic design for the technical course and essentials such as a copy machine and printer. In addition, we are lobbying for an internet connexion which would speed up the development tremendously.